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Welcome to Argonath RPG Emergency Medical Services website!

The Argonath RPG Emergency Medical Services, founded in February of 2011, is the premier agency for Medical Service workers. Created in order to help organize Medics all across the United States Of Argonath, the Argonath RPG Emergency Medical Services has become one of the top groups in the country for Medical personnel to join and train with, enhancing their life-saving abilities and decreasing their response times, as well as learning new methods to aid the injured on-scene.

June 30, 2019, 12:19:55 PM by Kowalski
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At 16:40 CET, EMS was tasked with a patient diagnosed with post-traumatic epilepsy. A clot had formed in the brain, causing pressure to rise and rise.

Chief Kowalski instantly noticed the unusual readings on the machine and knew that quick thinking was needed, or the patient would die. Kowalski grabbed a surgical drill, surgical gloves and examined the X-Ray of the patient's brain, to find the clot. He then began drilling into the patient's skull down to the clot, and using a syringe, he injected some saline and then used the syringe to extract the clot, saving the patient's life.

Operation went down at All Saints General Hospital (Market, LS)

Medication was prescribed to the patient and he was able to go home after a few days.

Consent was given by the patient to create this PR release, for that, we thank them.

Chief Kowalski
San Andreas EMS
June 26, 2019, 03:25:10 PM by Kowalski
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Emergency Medical Services
San Andreas Division

Hello to the citizens of San Andreas!

I am Kowalski, the new Chief of the San Andreas EMS. We will undergo some reformation and refinement in structure and other such affairs.

I hope for all the best with SAEMS, and with my team, I hope for healthcare to be revolutionised! I treat my subordinates as my mates, my proteges. I hope we succeed through teamwork, positivity and encouragement.

I'll keep this brief as the majority of what I want to say should be proven in-game.

See you out there!

Medical Services Chief - San Andreas EMS.
March 02, 2019, 02:20:16 AM by GreaterAnglia
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At approximately 11:30pm CET, our ambulance service responded to a 911 call, to a 'Woman found unconscious' outside of Commerce in Central Los Santos.

Paramedics shortly arrived after the call to find that the woman's heart had stopped. Paramedics attempted to resuscitate the woman for at least 20 minutes. Later on that day, police discovered that the woman had been involved in a serious motor vehicle accident.

All Saints Hospital (Market, LS)

Police are urging anyone who had witnessed the accident, to come forward and contact them.

The woman was then transported to the nearest trauma centre at All Saints Hospital in Market, where she had later remained in a critical condition, fighting for her life.

EMS Captain: San Andreas EMS

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