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[FFC] [HR]Jax
« on: August 12, 2017, 06:56:59 PM »


(Roleplay Information)
1. First and Last Name: Jax Teller
2. Age: 27
3. Current Address (ex: Richman, LS): Montgomery RC
4.1 Do you possess a valid, state issued, passport?: Yes
4.2 Do you possess a valid, state issued driver's license?: Yes
4.2.1 If yes, has it ever been revoked?: No
4.2.2 If revoked, what was the reason?: Never been Revoked

5. Do you understand law enforcement codes used by various state agencies?: Yes

6. Why do you wish to join the San Andreas Fire Department?: I love the need to help others, this job will require bold bravery and I want to help others by putting out the fires and issues caused because of the fire in any way possible. Basically love helping. I think i would be a great help to the team as i am active every day and am willing to be on every issue that comes afloat whenever im needed

6.1.1 Do you have any past experience with any Fire Department or Emergency Medical Service?: Yes and given the oppurtunity i would really love to take a part in this department as i would be a great help
6.1.2 If yes, what agency and what was your rank?: x

7. Do you accept that the SAFD has the right to deny or suspend this application for any given reason?: Yes SAFD does have the right, mainly because they need to decide whether its a good idea to bring me into the force or not for many reasos, i think i would be a big help to the team as i am active and willing

(Non-Roleplay Information)

8. Full In-Game Name: HRJax
9. Real-Life Age: 15
10. Timezone: UTC+10:00
11. Server Join Date: (month/year): 9/25/15
12. Do you have any previous server punishments within the last month?: No
13. List any current groups you are a member of: HR