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Modification Name:  Chevrolet Savanna ICU
Modification Version: Chevrolet Savanna
Modification Download:
Modification Download Requires Registration: No
Modification Credits:
I.Z. Skins
Modification Requirements: xxx
The Mobilce Intensive Care Unit in Israel is the Ambulance with the highest treatment level which get issued by Trauma doctor, Paramedic, Advanced-EMT and EMT.

Paramedic to be updated....

General Discussion / I'm back fortunatly to forums.
« on: February 10, 2012, 10:56:42 AM »
Finally I'm back on forums, I had some internet issues!

General Discussion / HAZMAT and Companys
« on: November 19, 2011, 06:50:54 PM »
Hello, FF/EMT Steinberg here, i have 2 ideas:
HAZMAT- We will open a squad that will pass HAZMAT (Dangoures matirials and gasses and thing likes that) training, and start work when HAZMAT Is needed (RP). The HAZMAT, if we finally get our FD rank in /rank [ID] Is will be like SWAT; Cadet, HAZMAT FF, HAZMAT Squad leader, HAZMAT Commander. We will do HAZMAT Company -1 And HAZMAT Company -2.
Second Idea:
I think we should do BLS and ALS teams- BLS Team will treat minor MVAs and Births and things like that (Minor injury too). The ALS Team will treat Heart Attacks, MCI, Major MVAs, Strokes, Heart Probelms...
Every team will pass training on their company - BLS/ALS.
What do you think about that?
FF/EMT Steinberg.

Rejected Applicants / SAFD Application - Abby_Rose.
« on: September 29, 2011, 03:25:52 PM »
Full Game Name:  Abby_Rose.
Your Real Life Age: 15
Any other group memberships (Corleone, ARPD, etc.):  Nothing
Why do you wish to join ARFD?: Im EMT In real life and i want to help the ARFD
Will you be able to dedicate time to the ARFD when no other firefighters are online?: Yes
Do you know and understand the emergency/police codes used by the United States Of Argonath's various agencies?: Yes
Do you currently have a passport for San Andreas?: Yes
Do you currently have a driver's license for San Andreas?: Yes
What area would you enjoy serving in most? (Choose one of the following: Los Santos, Las Venturas, San Fierro) Las Santos
Are you interested in being a Firefighter, or a Fire Department-based Medic? (Choose one): Fire Department-Based Medic

From Me Abby_Rose

I Would like to be Paramedic or EMT in Station 1. Thanks For Reading Doc.Abby Rose.

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