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IG Name: [TCL]BigHero1433
Assigned Station: Station 1
Rank: Firefighter
Date of leave: 29-5-2019
Date of return: Unknown yet.
Reason: My PC is broken, I sent it to my local repairing center to figure out what the issue is about and they informed me that it's the hardware, so currently I don't just need to buy a new hardware but also setup a new windows version and then setup the game, client and everything, this will most likely take a lot of time and I have no idea how long it will take but hopefully it won't be more than a month or two, I hope you understand.

Pietro Ivanovitch Smith Connor

Rejected Applicants / FDLC Application - [AoD]BigHero
« on: September 05, 2015, 02:37:18 AM »
FDLC Application - [AoD]BigHero

Full In-Game and Role-Play Name: [AoD]BigHero
Are you currently a member of any other groups? ( Lucchese, ARPD..etc): [AoD] Brotherhood
Have you ever been banned from Argonath IV:MP server? If yes, please copy the link of your unban request and pass it here: No
Why do you wish to join ARFD?: to make liberty city safe and help citizens and protect them from fires
Will you be able to dedicate time to the ARFD when no other firefighters are online?: Yes
Do you know and understand the emergency/police codes used by the United States Of Argonath's various agencies?:  Yes
Do you currently have a passport for the State Of Liberty?: Yes
Do you currently have a driver's license for the State Of Liberty?: Yes
What area would you enjoy serving in most? (Liberty City, Liberty County, etc.): Liberty City
Are you interested in being a Firefighter, or a Fire Department-based Medic?: Firefighter

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