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In case any of you are wondering, the advertisements now displayed here on the forums are here to stay. As Gandalf had requested, the ads were enabled on here in hopes of helping Argonath RPG gaining more money to pay it's bills, even if minimal. For every unpromoted, single click a user makes, Argonath RPG makes a few cents on the dollar that goes into it's account where after a certain amount is gained, the Server Owners can cash it out and put it towards the costs of the community.

Now, as for those who don't like the ads, we have a solution:

If everyone donates enough money in a single month to cover that month's costs and those of the next, I am willing to remove these ads for a month at a time...but this is based on you, the users, in order to help our great community prosper! If you wish to get rid of them permanently, then help Gandalf (Ronnel) and Aragorn (RON) pay the bills! :ff:

As for the rest of you who cannot afford donations, and are annoyed by the ads:
You can use browser-based plugins and applications to block the ads. We don't recommend it because every unsolicited click gains the community money, but the option is there for you if you need it that badly.

Lastly, feeling slowed down by the ads? Unfortunately at this time, the ads are slowing things down quite a bit when loading the pages...but the more you browse, the faster it picks up speed. I have already spoken with Gandalf about this and he said he is working on the issue behind the lag to speed things up in the near future so we aren't slowed down by it anymore.

Remember boys and girls, our community is free and it needs it's funding! Help us out! ;)

Oh, and be careful when clicking the ads. We cannot guarantee your safety once you leave this domain. That doesn't mean don't click! It just means be safe. Generally all malicious ads are removed, but from time to time some questionable ones are able to sneak in. If this happens, report the ad to myself or Gandalf, and try to include anything about it you can that could help us identify it.

Have fun! Click, click, click! :ff: