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Quick Reply Box Bug Fixed!

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As it had plagued us since SMF 2.0 Gold's release, the annoying "Quick Reply Box Bug" in the Whisper Gray-based themes is finally fixed! From now on, all users should see the Quick Reply Box displaying appropriately on these themes, as per the forum width.

If you are one of the users who still sees it extending off the side of the page, simply do a hard refresh, (Ctrl+F4), until it fixes itself. If you still have issues with it, you may need to clear your browser's cache.

Another one bites the dust!

On a side note: In the process of fixing this bug, I managed to make all of the Whisper Gray-based themes completely SMF 2.0-compatible. For users wondering why this wasn't done previously, the Whisper Gray theme's creator is no longer around, so the theme's information had to be slowly converted over, as per to the changes provided by the SMF development team in a well-hidden forum topic, which is meant for all themes in general. This was not an easy job...especially with the way these themes were created. The main one alone has 15 CSS files, and a number of other files that needed code updates, many of which didn't follow the SMF 2.0 RC2-RC5 format well, which is the version era that the theme was last updated for. There are also 6 modified versions of the main theme used for each servers' boards, which also needed to have the fixes ported over, one at a time. All in all, it took a good amount of time, and a ton of frustration, but it's finally done!