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SA:MP SAFD Training Idea

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i think we should try role play some training like these fireman do  wud be cool too see it in game if we had a trainin facility in argonath  :ff: intense firefighter fitness training #1

This is an obstacle course that you can do if your looking for workout time and are tired of the gym. Any fire station will have the ability to provide the items needed to perform the course in any weather. Obstacle course steps,

1. In full turnouts with flash hood, don your SCBA harness while walking to the other end of the App bay.
2. Your SCBA mask will be sitting at the other end, don that while walking back to starting point.
3. Don Helmet and gloves
4. Drag 150' of 2.5" hose through the App bay and hand over hand it
5. Grab dragging Dummy and drag through the bay toward the 24' ladder
6. Perform a 1 person 24' ladder throw to roof of station.
7. hand over hand hoist a roll of 2.5" hose and lower.
8. Take down ladder and put back at starting point.
9. Drag dummy back through bay to original starting point.
10. Drag 2.5" hose through bay and hand over hand to original starting point.

Its over!!!

Second set starts immediately after the first is over and is the same events in reverse including mask and SCBA harness removal. less intense firefighter fitness training #2

Another fun workout to do at the station. A little less intense than course # 1 but more focused on motor skills, muscle memory and core firefighting tasks.
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