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Argonath RPG Server Status
« on: December 21, 2013, 07:19:57 AM »
With many people asking if servers are up or down, I believe it's sufficient to provide all server status icons in this topic. All servers that this group currently plays on are listed below. Remember the statuses are of the server AT the time the page loaded. So if you need to re-check the server statuses, refresh the topic or go back and re-click the topic. You may also find a full list of existing servers by clicking here. Additionally, a more complete status list of the servers can also be found by clicking here.

LU Rockstars 1.0:
IP: To be released.
Port: To be released.

MTA:VC Argonath RPG Roleplay:
Port: 2003

VC:MP Rockstars 2.1:

MTA:SA RP 2.01:

SA:MP Rockstars 5.0:

IV:MP Rockstars Retro:

TeamSpeak 3:

[SA:MP SAFD] | SAFD Fire Engineer | Fire Marshal/State Counsel |
[VC:MP FDVC] | FDVC Firefighter |