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(Roleplay Information)
1. First and Last Name: Frederick Marques
2. Age: 22
3. Current Address (ex: Richman, LS): East Los Santos
4.1 Do you possess a valid, state issued, passport?: Yes.
4.2 Do you possess a valid, state issued driver's license?: Yes.
4.2.1 If yes, has it ever been revoked?: No.
4.2.2 If revoked, what was the reason?:

5. Do you understand law enforcement codes used by various state agencies?: Yes.

6. Why do you wish to join the San Andreas Fire Department?: Help the citizens of Argonath was all times my main objective. I was part of SAPD and left it, right now is time to re-join SAFD. I am a previous firefighter and I want to help to bring this family back up.

6.1.1 Do you have any past experience with any Fire Department or Emergency Medical Service?: Yes.
6.1.2 If yes, what agency and what was your rank?: SAFD Firefighter.

7. Do you accept that the SAFD has the right to deny or suspend this application for any given reason?: Yes.

(Non-Roleplay Information)

8. Full In-Game Name: FredericK_Marques
9. Real-Life Age: 22
10. Timezone: GMT+0
11. Server Join Date: (month/year): 11/2009
12. Do you have any previous server punishments within the last month?: No.
13. List any current groups you are a member of: Collin

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Mr. Marques, we at the San Andreas Fire Department have read your application and are glad to tell you that it has been ACCEPTED, however as with any other agency, to be formally introduced into the Department an interview will take place, you'll be contacted soon regarding said interview, good luck.

Regards, Maximilian Rushinski - Fire Captain

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We regret to inform you that your application has been rejected. If you wish to reapply, you may do so in one week's time. Please take this time to overview the Academy information and laws enforced by both the ARFD and ARPD, and become more active and familiar with the career of firefighting. We apologize, and hope to see your new application soon!
Applicant has failed to show any interest towards their application within the last 72 hours.