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Resignation - Gregory '[TCL]Younes' Parker - Battalion Chief - FDLC.

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Name: Gregory '[TCL]Younes' Parker.
Rank: Battalion Chief (IV:MP).
Date: 07.08.2017.
Reason: First of all, I'm sorry SugarD, I've failed the promise I've made which is to get more active during the summer and get FDLC to be alive again. I've tried my best to be active, but it was all off my hands and I've been unable to do it. It's time for me to resign as I'm fully inactive in IV:MP and left my other positions in IV:MP. I have tried to get as much members as I can, looking over quality than quantity, and to get a leader who would replace me once I resign, but I've failed. I'd love to stay and continue to work on the department rather than leaving it with no leader but you, and very low amount of members, however that's not possible for me as I'm currently very inactive, and I do not believe I would be active again any soon due to my studies in the university.
I would like to personally apologize to you for letting you deal with this situation alone, and if you do require any assistance in future in anything, I would be glad to assist you as you've assisted me.

Gregory '[TCL]Younes' Parker
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