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It's called clearing an intersection. It's a basic skill learned in EVOC (Emergency Vehicle Operations Course). Fire, Medical, and Police learn it all alike. I call it doing a job correctly.

Now when clearing intersections isn't learned, stuff like this happens.
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Laws state that NO vehicle (emergency or not) can not blow through intersections. They have to be code 3 when approaching an intersection they have to stop while blowing their air horn or other high attention grabbing siren tone. This rarely ever happens and it's the discretion of the driver of the emergency vehicle when to proceed. 90% of the time it's a rolling stop, that's why most municipalities now have the Red Light switcher so all directions get the red light. On the department I was on after 4pm the station closed and all on call members would respond in POVs to the station code 3. The unwritten rule when it came to a POV responder coming across a marked code 3 vehicle (which is a no brainer) was the marked vehicle proceeded and the POV would respond code 2 (Respond no lights / sirens) to station. Although when a vehicle dispatched out of the station all responders were to supposed to switch to Code 2 with exceptions of Engineers and Chiefs.
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