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Attention ARFD Forum users,

As you may or may not have noticed, I locked down the permissions and rights for each rank today. As of now, Command Staff, (Acting and otherwise for Captain+), will now only have moderation rights on their specific server boards and the cross-boards, command and normal. Nothing should appear different for other users. I also fixed some board visibility bugs, and made certain ranks only able to be set via a secondary rank since they should never be used as primary ranks. Now this leads to two loopholes which I would like to discuss:

1. Command Staff of all servers have rights to modify membergroups. You are not allowed to touch this without an Administrator's permission. The reason why you have access to this is because of a different loophole in SMF, (which will be fixed in a later version), of which I wanted to avoid using for security reasons. Although you can modify things in here, do not do it. You will be banned and fired if caught.

2. As a result of the first loophole, Command Staff can set users' ranks for any server and not just their own. Once the above issue is fixed in a later version of SMF, as noted in the first loophole, this will be fixed and locked out. Although you can set users to other servers' ranks, do not do it without permission from an Administrator, ARFD Commissioner, or Battalion Chief of that specific server. Same as the first loophole, if you are caught abusing this, you will be banned and fired without question.

Please let me know if any of you find any bugs or issues, or have missing or extra rights. If I find out you have extra rights and you do not tell me, you will also be banned and fired for forum rights abuse. Everything should be working correctly as I tested it all out, but in case I missed something, PM me right away. Thank you for your understanding and patience throughout this, and I hope you enjoy things safely. Have a great day.


Commissioner Jack Schappell
Argonath RPG Fire Department

P.S. This is an update to this topic: