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Title: SAFD - Recruitment Information
Post by: Allison on June 25, 2015, 06:18:24 AM

The San Andreas Fire Department is constantly looking for dedicated citizens to join the ranks of one of the most respected
careers in the nation. Becoming a Firefighter, Medical Technician, or Civilian Assistant is a well-respected position.
Your job in the San Andreas Fire Department is to protect the city from fires, aid the wounded,
 and promote the well-being of the citizens we serve.

We encourage anyone who wishes to become part of this crucial field of work to apply. We guarantee you will happy you did so.


Code: [Select]
SAFD Application - [In-Game Name]

Code: [Select]
[center][img width=60][/img]
[color=white][font=trebuchet ms][size=13pt]SAN ANDREAS FIRE DEPARTMENT[/size]
[size=10pt]RECRUITMENT APPLICATION[/size][/font][/color][/center]

[u][i](Roleplay Information)[/i][/u]
[font=trebuchet ms][b][u]1.[/u] First and Last Name:[/b]
[b][u]2.[/u] Age:[/b]
[b][u]3.[/u] Current Address (ex: Richman, LS):[/b]
[b][u]4.1[/u] Do you possess a valid, state issued, passport?:[/b]
[b][u]4.2[/u] Do you possess a valid, state issued driver's license?:[/b]
[b][u]4.2.1[/u] If yes, has it ever been revoked?:[/b]
[b][u]4.2.2[/u] If revoked, what was the reason?:[/b]

[b][u]5.[/u] Do you understand law enforcement codes used by various state agencies?:[/b]

[b][u]6.[/u] Why do you wish to join the San Andreas Fire Department?:[/b]
[b][u]6.0.1[/u] What career are you willing to be part of? (Paramedic - Firefighter):[/b]

[b][u]6.1.1[/u] Do you have any past experience with any Fire Department or Emergency Medical Service?:[/b]
[b][u]6.1.2[/u] If yes, what agency and what was your rank?:[/b]

[b][u]7.[/u] Do you accept that the SAFD has the right to deny or suspend this application for any given reason?:[/b]

[i][u](Non-Roleplay Information)[/u][/i]

[b][u]8.[/u] Full In-Game Name:[/b]
[b][u]9.[/u] Real-Life Age:[/b]
[b][u]10.[/u] Timezone:[/b]
[b][u]11.[/u] Server Join Date: (month/year):[/b]
[b][u]12.[/u] Do you have any previous server punishments within the last month?:[/b]
[b][u]13.[/u] List any current groups you are a member of:[/b]

With posting this application, author agrees with:
1) SAFD reserves full right to use all information of the application for further activities.
2) Leak of material or academy information to third-parties will result in a denial and academy ban.
3) Cadet will respect Fire Department personnel.
4) Cadet will follow Fire Laws.

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