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SA:MP SAFD Fire Missions FAQ:

New Commands

The following commands are for normal players. The new administration commands are posted in the restricted sections of the main Argonath RPG forums.

/mission - allows you to join and leave missions when they are available to you.

/missioninfo - tells you everything you need to know about your available mission. Not sure what to do? Use this command and do what it tells you to do!

Mission System

How will I know when a mission is available? You will be told on your chat screen that one is available, as well as the /mission and /missioninfo commands just in case you forget them and also a large message will appear in the bottom-right of your screen saying "mission available".

When do I need to use the commands? You need to use /mission to join the available mission. You can also use the command to leave the mission if you do not want to continue with it. The /missioninfo command only has to be used if you don't know what to do in a mission as it will tell you how to complete it. It is highly advised that you read it when you do a mission for the first time.

When I join a mission, what happens? When you join a mission, your weapons are stored and you are given special weapons for the mission. Example: in a fireman mission, you are given a shovel  and a fire extinguisher with LOTS of ammunition. You are shown a red marker on your radar and map, telling you where to go. In the bottom-right of your screen, you are shown the following information:

A timer, displaying the amount of time you have left to complete the mission before it has been failed.

A counter showing you how many players are involved in the mission. You are told how many players the mission is available to and how many players are actually taking part.

A red message showing the name of a location. This location is where your mission objectives are. This location corresponds to the red marker on your radar and map.

When I exit a mission, what happens? Your mission weapons are removed and your stored pre-mission weapons are given back to you. All information which is displayed during your mission will no longer be shown to you and all you will see in the bottom-right of your screen is "mission available" again. You are able to re-join the mission with /mission if you want to.

What happens if the time runs out? You fail your mission. You are shown a large red message on your screen saying "mission failed", along with a chat message. The timer in the bottom-right of your screen turns red and you hear music. After 10 seconds, everything in the bottom-right of your screen disappears and the music stops playing.

What happens if all objectives are completed? You complete your mission. You are shown a large green message on your screen saying "mission success" and how much money you have earned during the mission, along with a chat message telling you both that the mission was a success and how much money you earned. You are given your money. The timer in the bottom-right of your screen turns green and you hear music. After 10 seconds, everything in the bottom-right of your screen disappears and the music stops playing.

What happens if a Manager or Developer stops a mission? The mission is aborted. You are shown a large yellow message on your screen saying "Mission Aborted", along with a chat message. The timer in the bottom-right of your screen turns yellow. You do not hear music. After 10 seconds, everything in the bottom-right of your screen disappears.

How much money can I earn? The amount of money you earn depends on how much effort you put into the mission. Example: in fireman missions, the amount of money you earn is based on how many objectives you help to complete.

How much time am I given? The amount of time you are given is based on a few factors. Example: in fireman missions, the amount of time you are given is based on the average distance between all firemen online and the mission location, the amount of firemen online and the number of fire sources.

Where will the mission be located? The mission location is picked at random from a list by the scripts, to the mission location is random, even if a manager or developer manually starts a mission.

When will missions start? A random, automatic system should start a mission by itself. If it fails to do this, a Manager or Developer can start a mission manually.

What happens if I die? If you die while taking part in a mission, you will be ejected from the mission and your stored weapons will be returned to you. It is as if you have left the mission using /mission. You are free to re-join the mission with /mission if you wish to.

Fireman Missions

In the fireman missions, your objectives are fire sources. To complete the mission, all fire sources have to be eliminated.

To eliminate a fire source, one or more firemen need to spray at it directly with their fire extinguishers until the "fire intensity" is reduced to 0/100. This "fire intensity" is displayed above each fire source.

To extinguish fire sources, you MUST use your handheld fire extinguisher. The fires are oil-based, so firetruck water will not help to extinguish them. Instead, you must smother the sources with foam.

The fire sources explode every few seconds. To stop the explosions, you need to be brave and get close to the source. When you are close to it, it can't explode as you are attacking it. The ONLY WAY of eliminating a fire source is to run straight in and attack it.

If you run away from a fire source and no firemen are near it, it is able to explode again. The fire intensity will jump back to 100/100 and you need to run back in and start again.

When missions start, players near the sources will see the fires start. They will be given a message telling them that they can see flames, smell gas and should leave the area and call the fire department. After a delay, the sources will become dangerous. They will start exploding, the fire will start spreading and the fire intensities will be shown.

When a mission starts, the firemen are not the only people told about the mission. The police and medics are told about the fire. They are also told the location, so police units and come to the situation and make sure nobody gets in the way. Also, medics can heal anyone who has been injured. Because firemen are running into a lot of fire and explosions, it is very likely that they will require medical assistance, so being a medic will make a lot of money now!

If you find a good location for a mission and no mission exists there, contact David_Omid and he'll add it! He can also edit already existing missions, so he can add new sources to the current missions too.

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How to make a proper Reports:

The record reports can be written here:

To make a record, follow these steps:

• Scroll down to the most bottom of the page. You will see text saying "Create a new record".

• Select "Firefighter" or "Medic". This is your current position, so choose the correct one.

• Select the "Server" from the list that the incident is on.

• The next field is the "Location". Simply use the correct location. For example: Creek, Las Venturas. Please do NOT use abbreviations, and use commas and periods properly. Here is an example of this: LS Cargoship - Ocean Docks, Los Santos

• The final field is the "Description". Explain the incident situation, personnel involved, etc. Here is an explanation of possible information you can provide:
Amount of fire sources; type of fire; fire positions; any fire leaks; electrical shock containment; hazardous materials containment; amount of personnel involved, including yourself and all incident commanders; who the incident commander(s) is; number of medical professionals involved; if Police assistance is involved; if the situation was success or not; how many casualties; injury types; name of injured persons; etc.

• Click "Add" when you're finished.

And that is how you make proper report!

Here is another example:

Los Santos Fire Department - Rodeo, Los Santos | Structure fire, 1 fire source, fire leak from the engine's fuel tank. No electrical, 6 Firefighters involved. Incident Commander: Battalion Chief Jack Schappell. No medical or Police assistance involved. One casualty who is 1% burnt, goes by the name of Jenn Black. Situation was a success.
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Respect, and proper Fire House etiquette:

This topic is a so you know. I so far have not seen much disrespect within the Argonath RPG Fire Department. These are just simple things you need to know. Treat everyone with respect. Call people by their rank, if you don't know their rank or they don't have a rank, sir or ma'am. Typically rank, then last name, such as Chief Zissou in my case. I'm not going to be picky about this. You can call me Alex. I don't mind as long as your not disrespectful about it. However with others, I cannot speak for them. I would also like to thank EVERYONE for their work. I appreciate it. I appreciate the professionalism and the hard work EVERYONE is doing. Keep it up people!

Proper Fire House Etiquette

1. SHOW UP AN HOUR EARLY TO THE ACADEMY AND FIREHOUSE. Don't be labeled a minute-man.










These are not always going to be followed due to the fact this is a game. However, if you would like a career in medical and or fire technology. Then you need to know this. These can be done in roleplay too, however.

I'm not going to be picky about these things. It is a game. However these are good pointers.

Not only inside firehouse...Fire Department members shall:
  • Maintain courtesy to the public and other agencies.
  • Avoid arguments at emergency scenes.
  • Refrain from horseplay during fire company operations.
  • Not appear at fire company operations under the influence of intoxicating substances.
  • Perform their duties as assigned.
  • Complete all fire company operations in a professional manner.
  • Comply with reasonable directions and orders from appropriate supervisors.
  • Not misuse equipment, or supplies.
  • Comply with the laws and constitutions.
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How to become successful SA:MP SAFD Personnel:


This is an unofficial guide from the opinion/point of view of Company Chief Corey and Hiroaki Alterlis, teaching how should SAFD personnels do their jobs and increase performances of their duty times.

1. Know all basic Station-Time, what you should and should not do while staying at the station.
  • Never stay out of station area within approximity of 100 meters without permission or important purpose. This includes NO driving civilian/emergency vehicles out of the station.
  • Never "touch" the Battalion Rancher without Command Staffs' permissions. Nor ask to do it.
  • Never ask "Can we response?", "Can I go refuel/repair?", or related to. ONLY listens to the Command Staffs and the DISPATCH if there is one online.
  • You are allowed to "clean" the station area to be free of Unused vehicles, reckless parking vehicles, and vehicles that blocking the bay access point.
  • Never stay inside the emergency vehicles by any means. Preventing Volunteer Firefighter from not to steal it is not an excuse.
  • Know the basic radio communications and how to successfully communicate in an efficient ways.
  • Ask to be crewed of each apperatus from the Command Staffs.
  • Feel free to go INSIDE the station, living room, computer room, or get some rest and relax.

2. BEEP BEEP BEEP, what to do?
  • When you hear your station tone, suit up, get your gear, and ready your apperatus.
  • Listen to the dispatch, which apperatus to responses, and crew up that vehicle. Listen carefully where to response, and the response code.
  • Prepares your suit and gear, driver and navigator wear headphone, tell the route to the driver, and the siren is your toy. Also don't forget to communicate on the main radio, SitRep, etc.
  • When there's Battalion responding, ALWAYS follows the Battalion. (Battalion > Engine > Truck > Medic > Other)
  • Battalion ALWAYS be the first to get out off the bay, Engine is next, Truck, and then Medic, etc.
  • ALWAYS keep distances between each vehicles, avoid lag ram, speeding, recklessly driving, and STAY within the lane and road.
  • ALWAYS focus on the road, drive SLOWLY, Don't overpass if not neccesary, and always slow down on the intersection before proceeding through.

3. Arrived on scene.
  • Keep distance between the incident and your apperatus, block the road, but stay out from the burnable materials, explosive, low grounds, under structures, etc.
  • In case of victim lying near or on the road, use your apperatus as a cover to the victim, but don't fully block the road if possible.
  • Turn on your traffic advisor lightbar to notify other vehicles on the road.
  • Traffc Control should ALWAYS be there, if there's no police around, you are the traffic advisor.
  • Exaimes the situation, follows orders from Incident Commander, and ALWAYS checks your PASS twice.
  • Know the PRIORITIES LEVELS, take care of the thing that need to be done at first, such as Vehicle Fire, Eletrical, Easy-burnable materials, etc.
  • QUICKLY but CAREFULLY set up your rescue/hose equipments.

More to come soon
Suggestions are welcomed!
For any errors, spellchecks, mistakes, and misunderstanding, please send it on PM.
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