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Differences Between ARFD, FDVC/SAFD/FDLC, and EMS

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What is the difference?

Over the past few months, I have seen these be used interchangeably and sometimes improperly for the wrong reasons. Let me explain...

Assuming that the Argonath RPG Fire Department (ARFD) is based on the model of what the Argonath RPG Police Department (ARPD) is, the ARFD refers to the entirety of the fire service in the Argonath RPG community. This means that Volunteers, Cadets, Firefighters and up are all referred to as the ARFD. Now when you talk about the Vice City Fire Department (FDVC), San Andreas Fire Department (SAFD), or Liberty City Fire Department (FDLC), they refer to the actual organization that consists of what are known as career firefighters that have applied and gained rank within the Department in each location. This means that anyone off the street is default a member of the ARFD, but must apply to FDVC, SAFD, or FDLC to become recognized in their respective locations.

In short:
All people are ARFD.
Not all people are FDVC/SAFD/FDLC.
ARFD members are NOT necessarily FDVC/SAFD/FDLC.

And that, boys and girls, is the difference between ARFD and FDVC/SAFD/FDLC.

Now as for ARFD and EMS...

So no one gets confused, EMS is not affiliated with ARFD...The difference between ARFD Medics and EMS Medics is that ARFD Medics are FD-based, and are part of the "Rescue" side of the ARFD. EMS Medics are purely medical workers contracted by the government-owned hospitals with a primary focus on dealing with medical situations. As first responders, ARFD still deals with medical calls, just as EMS does...
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