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Terminology: Firefighter Versus Fireman

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As some of you may be wondering why I never use the phrase "fireman", despite it being shorter and easier to type than "firefighter", I have decided to throw up an explanation here to state the difference, and what the Argonath RPG Fire Department officially recognizes. The official information on this is as follows:

Fireman - A phrase meaning a male member of the firefighting profession. This term is not recognized or used by the Argonath RPG Fire Department because it implies that all firefighters are male. Being that we are an equal opportunity employer, we do not use this term as it is sexist, and despite our major member-base being male, we employ any who wish to work with us that are capable of doing such.

Firefighter - A phrase meaning a member of the firefighting profession. This term is officially recognized by the Argonath RPG Fire Department in two ways. The first one, "firefighter", means anyone in the firefighting profession. The second one, "Firefighter", means a specific rank within the firefighting profession. You may notice the differences in capitalization of the first letter in both variations of the phrase. This is due to the fact that both the phrase of the profession, and the rank itself share the same name. Because one is a name of a rank, it has been capitalized to show proper grammar, and to prevent confusion.

And there you have it. If you have any questions regarding this, please feel free to contact your local Battalion Chief or above and we will be happy to better explain it to you. Have fun!


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