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Announcement by Chief Kowalski | DATE: October 27th, 2019
Notice regarding Recruitment Status

Due to reformations and administration changes, applications have been placed on hold indefinitely until further notice due to some massive structural problems which will take time to resolve.

We sincerely apologize to any and all aspiring candidates for any inconvenience caused.

Sincere apologies,
Fire Chief Kowalski
SAFD Fire Command.
Name: Kowalski
Department : FDLC (IV:MP)
Rank and station: Fire Lieutenant - Station Two.
Date: 27th October, 2019.
Reason: I've become SAFD Fire Chief, and am juggling several roles. I cannot dedicate the same activity to the FDLC that I once could. I wish it nothing but well and hope that it, along with the IV:MP server returns from its current dead state.

EDIT 06/11/2019: I'll stick around but only as a Command Advisor, in case any firefighters are wondering :ff:



Name: Angela Lopez (Layla Jennings)
Rank: SAFD Fire Cadet
Reason for Discharge: Severe unprofessionalism, attitude issues, and ragequit the department.
Prohibited from applying until: No prohibition, may apply whenever ready.

Good luck,
Fire Chief Kowalski
SAFD Fire Command.
Cadet dishonorably discharged. Free to apply again when ready,

Fire Chief Kowalski
SAFD Fire Command.
It actually turns out that EMT training is mandatory. You'll have to alternate between SAFD & SAFD EMT duties as necessary.

This is due to a merge from HQ, SAFD & SAEMS.

Fire Lieutenant Kowalski
SAFD Command Staff.
Are you applying for the SAFD or the SAFD EMS team?

Also, good luck.

- Fire Lieutenant Kowalski

Locked the topic as I'm back.
IG Name: Kowalski
Assigned Station: Station 2
Rank: Fire Lieutenant
Date of leave: 27/06/2019
Date of return: 11/07/2019
Reason: I'm gonna have to actively work on SA:MP EMS, will still be around from time to time.