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Behind the character

Started by Dutch_Hunter, June 16, 2016, 06:50:55 AM

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hello, i'm curios which people are behind the character that we work with every day in game.

theire for i ask to all of you if you want. to place 1 or 2 pictures (if you want je may post more) of yourself and region(Optional).
and to write an little article about yourself like how old you are, what your job/school is ect.

NOTE it is not required to participate , it remains voluntary participation in this topic .

Disclaimer: argonath I and no one else is responsible for what happens to what YOU put in this thread , therefore, be careful what you put in .

Then to start of the topic,

My Name is Wesley, beter known to you as Dutch_Hunter.
i'm 18 years old and leave in holland, i was a volenteer at the youth fire department of my town for six years, and will start with the Firefighter acadamy  in holland next year. due the fact a could not finish my study as security guard, i now temporay work a partime job in a local factory. the rest of my spare time i use to make and edit pictures, write short storie's or spend time in argonath to get some more life in it.

i'm looking foreward to who the rest of you all are  :D
I'm always behind you! Just like a sniper. I'm watching you!

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*info removed to protect IRL identity if ask to put it back i might do it*