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Rules Regarding Posting Modifications

Started by SugarD, April 10, 2011, 12:50:41 AM

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When posting modifications in this section, you must abide by these rules, or your topic will be deleted.

1. Any/all modifications must not have handling modifications included, or anything that gives a player an unfair or otherwise disallowed advantage in any server.

2. Any/all modifications must not be knowingly disallowed modifications. For example, if a certain modification has been specifically disallowed in the community, you may not post it here.

3. If the modification is a visual modification, such as a vehicle texture, vehicle model, object, character/pedestrian skin, etc., you must post an image of it so users are aware of what they are downloading. If the modification is an audio modification, post a video or audio example of it so users can hear it. Make sure you also include a description of what exactly the modification is.

4. If you decide to post an updated version of the modification, update the original post. The first post in the topic is a placeholder for the modifications information for users to see.

5. The topic title should be the modification's name without the version number.

6. The topic title should have the game version listed in brackets before the modification's name, with a space between the two. For example, "[GTA III] Mod Name", "[GTA:VC] Mod Name", "[GTA:SA] Mod Name", "[GTA IV] Mod Name", etc.

7. Post any/all requirements, as stated below, and include a click-able link to them, if possible.

8. Please follow the following format for posting modifications:
[b]Modification Name:[/b]
[b]Modification Version:[/b]
[b]Modification Download:[/b]
[b]Modification Download Requires Registration:[/b] <Yes/No>
[b]Modification Credits:[/b]
[b]Modification Requirements:[/b]
<Post anything else you wish, in any other format here>