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Started by SugarD, October 22, 2009, 12:30:15 PM

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SECTION 6.1.120


1.  Air-Reactive Materials    
No exemption

2.  Water-Reactive Materials    
No exemption

3.  Unstable Materials    
No exemption

4.  Explosive Materials
       Class A    

No exemption

       Class B    
10 Lbs.

5.  Fireworks    
No exemption

6.  Smokeless Powder    
20 Lbs.

7.  Black Sporting Powder    
5 Lbs.

8.  Small Arms Ammunition    
1,000 Lbs.
(Net Weight)

9.  Flammable Gases    
3,000 Cu. Ft.

10.  Liquefied Flammable Gases    
60 Gal.

11.  Flammable Liquids
         Class IA    
60 Gal.

         Class IB    
120 Gal.

         Class IC    
180 Gal.

              Combination of Flammable Liquids with not more than the exempt amount of Class IA, IB, or IC Liquids    
240 Gal.

12.  Combustible Liquids
         Class II        

240 Gal.

         Class III    
500 Gal.

13.  Combustible Metals    
500 Lbs.

14.  Flammable Fibers
100 Cu. Ft.

1,000 Cu. Ft.

15.  Flammable Solids    
500 Lbs.

16.  Toxic Materials
         Class 3, 4    
No exemption

         Class 1, 2 Gases    
400 Cu. Ft.

         Solids or Liquids    
100 Lbs.

         Etiologic Agent    
No exemption

17.  Oxidizing Materials
6,000 Cu. Ft.

50 Gal.

500 Lbs.

18.  Organic Peroxides
         Class I, II, III    
No exemption

         Class IV    
10 Lbs.

19.  Corrosive Materials
200 Gal.

2,000 Lbs.

20.       Ammonium Nitrate Compound Mixtures Containing More Than 60% Nitrate Weight

SECTION 6.1.121

A Permit issued under the provisions of this article shall be valid only for the person in whose name it is issued, and for the location shown on the Permit. Separate locations require separate Permits.

SECTION 6.1.122

When the distance between oil wells is reduced, then additional cellars may be constructed and conductor pipes not more than 100 feet deep may be set before obtaining the Permit for the oil well approved under that section; provided however, there shall be one valid Permit in effect for one oil well at the same drill site, and the bond required shall state that said bond is applicable to all cellars and conductor pipes that may have been constructed on the same drill site and for which a separate oil well permit has not been granted.

SECTION 6.1.123
Unless otherwise set forth on the face of the Permit, every Permit issued in accordance with the provisions of this division shall be valid for the year stated, or until voided, revoked, or suspended.

SECTION 6.1.124

It is unlawful for any person to deposit or cause to be deposited any putrescible and non-putrescible solid wastes including combustible or noncombustible rubbish, refuse, trash, dewatered, treated or chemically fixed sewage sludge, or discarded solid or semisolid wastes or regulated recyclable materials of any kind whatsoever upon or in any street, public area, any private premises in the state, or in any bodies of water, or in the bed thereof without obtaining all required approvals and/or permits to do so.

SECTION 6.1.125

All facilities subject to permit requirements must maintain, within the location of the facility subject to the solid waste permit, a copy of the current solid waste facility permit and permit receipt for fees paid as issued by the state. A full size copy of the permit receipt shall be legibly displayed in a conspicuous location at the facility approved by the local enforcement agency. If a facility is served with a legal order to cease and desist operation or suspend operations, the permit and permit receipt shall be surrendered to the local enforcement agency until reinstated.