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Report Form and Regulations.

Started by SugarD, August 04, 2011, 06:08:12 AM

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Liberty City Fire Department

- Report form and Rules -

Before reporting someone you should firstly read the following rules and obey them otherwise your complaint may not be considered.

  • Before reporting a firefighter+ try to firstly talk with him and tell him what wrong he did, he maybe right or maybe wrong, we are humans and we do mistakes, so before posting your report here try to talk with him in PM.
  • Administration matters shouldn't be reported here, If you have anything related to administration report to them through Argonath forums, also forward a PM to the chief about the incident.
  • You must follow the report format, or the report shall not be considered.
  • No flaming,no provocation comments, you must report for an actual reason.
  • If you have anything against the chief, you should forward that to the court of the law.
  • Avoid Personal reports, If you have anything personnel deal with it in PM.

Report Form :

Title of the topic should be

Code (Title) Select

Reporting <Rank> <Name>

Form :

[center] [color=red][b]Complaint against <Rank> <RP name>[/b][/color] [/center]

[color=teal][i][b]Directed to FDLC Internal Affairs[/b][/i][/color]

[b][color=black]Reporter Name : [/color][/b] [b] <Your name> [/b]
[b][color=black]Fire Fighter Name : [/color][/b] [b] <his name> [/b]
[b][color=black]Rank : [/color][/b] [b] <his rank> [/b]
[b][color=black]Date and Time of the incident : [/color][/b] [b] <Date> [/b] | [b]< Time >[/b]
[b][color=black]Incidents : [/color][/b] [b]< Write the details about what happened > [/b]
[b][color=black]Witness [/color][/b] [b] <Write down the name of the people who witnessed the incident> [/b]
[b][color=black]Evidence : [/color][/b] [b] <Post any evidences you got (Links,videos, Images..etc..) > [/b]

[b][color=green][font=georgia]<Your name>[/font][/color][/b]