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Forums Attacked

Started by SugarD, February 28, 2010, 04:45:05 AM

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Recently a known and trusted user, Solis, decided to hack our forums. He has since been routebanned on multiple servers and will be unable to come in contact with any Argonath RPG server, forum, website, or user. He personally, for unknown reasons, carried out a patient attack on the ARFD forums that has since been fixed. Luckily, I had backups created not that long ago just in case something as this were to ever happen.

Unfortunately when I restored the backup, anything changed, posted, added, etc. was lost up to the 15th. Please check your accounts. If you can't log in, re-register. If your application is missing, PM me IMMEDIATELY so I can resolve the issue.

Admins: Admin rights have changed for now. Until specific permissions are set later, you will remain as Global Moderators. Admin-related changes will have to be PM'ed to myself until further notice. This includes rank changes.

Edit: I appreciate your comments guys, but this isn't a discussion topic, it's an announcement. Please don't reply to it.


UPDATE: All is fixed and working now. Ranks, permissions, and abilities have been fixed and updated correctly. Users with access to change user ranks can now do so again.