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FULL NAME:Konstantinos "Kostas" Evans

RANK:Probationary Firefighter


ADDITIONAL NOTES: I work 12 hours a day. Though should there be activity IG, I'm availlable most evenings around 22:00 server time.

Dear Fire Captain Treblin.
Unfortunatelly at the moment I am very busy both with my ACA Duties but also some other obligations that I have . Therefore some one else will be assigned on this . We will make sure to contact you shortly with the person assigned for this .
Thanks in advance.

ACA Division Leader
Konstantinos "Kostas" Evans

Okay then . I am looking forward to arranding a meeting.

Dear Commisioner Schappell.
I would like to know if we can set up a meeting and work on the idea . I understand that you are busy and infact so am I and that's why I have not contacted you since my last message . Still , with this message I want to point our that A.C.A. is still interested for this "Operation".
THanks in Advance.

A.C.A. Division Leader
Konstantinos "Kostas" Evans

Dear Commisioner . We havce the following tasks for you . Remember that we do not want you to do this alone . As I am the one in charge for this I will be helping you in anyway I can . We must create this topic together and make sure it does help . Here are the following requests . Think about them and let's get a date to work on them.


1. The proper way of acting during a fire mission as a FireFighter(extinguisher)[Tips about the right way to aim the extinguisers and etc.].
2. The proper way of acting during a fire mission as a TruckDriver [Also tips of right cannon usage and etc.].
3. Right and Proper radio usage[also codes and so on].
4. Further roleplaying ideas both for the firefighter and the citizens.

Thanks in Advance.

A.C.A. Director
Kostas Evans

Thank you Commisioner Schappell . Infact atleast at the moment we are not planning on creating something over advanced . We do not expect the SAFD applicants to be abled to get much help from our Board as this would pretty much be something over our power and useless to the rest citizens of Argonath RPG. We are aiming in a topic which will contain :

First of all the Basics of being an ARFD Firefighter (scripted things)
Secondly some other RolePlaying ideas . As I my self seak to help the readers get to the RP side of everything we write fast that something I wish we both give a lot of time on.
Third I would like to have some recommendations and maybe some tips about the right way of doing their work and probably help in the right usage of your equipment.

As I my self do not really have the authority to take such a dicesion I will direct this to my Supervisors. Once we have spoken more about what we specifically want from your side . You will be informed . Thank you in advance .

A.C.A. RPG Director
Kostas Evans

Hello again . I would like to know if anyone is thinking about it . Can someone update me please? Thank you.

Roger that Lt. I will be waiting for the commands decision , Over.

Hello Again . First of all there is also going to be a Medic Thamed topic where I think you could help too . Secondly I would actaully prefer people in charge to also help in the creation of those "Guides" . I want to repeat that none of our work is done to get us anything . We just try to create a board where people will be abled to learn the basics but also more specific things about almost anything in Argonath. I am still waiting for an answear from the ARFD Command . If this is a wrong place for such a Permition then I would love to be told who I should contact or where I should speak . Thanks in advance !

A.C.A. RPG Director
Kostas Wayne

Hello . I am the A.C.A. RPG Division Director Kostas Wayne . Our division is corrently working on making a board on our website with help topics . As you understand a socalled Guide for the FireFighter Duty will be there . To create that we are requesting your help . We would like to know who is the right person to help us in creating such a topic . In this part let me point out that the use of such a topic will be only used to help and won't be used in anyway to give benefit to our Organisation . Thank you in Advance and I will be waiting for your answear.

A.C.A. RPG Director
Kostas Wayne

Okay then thats what I am going to do . Thank you for your time sir :)

Hallo . I dont know if this is the right place to post it or if I am allowed to do so . and I am apologising if what I am posting is wrong or against any kind of rules . I would like to add that I dont know if such a thing exists so far or if this idea was posted in the past and denied ...

The idea is that the ARPD will have the duty to respond in every single firemission and make blockages and more to make sure the civilians are secure . Why I came to this thing . Today while I was on duty the Bridge connecting Los Santos and Flint County got on fire . While me and some other skilled firemen where trying to extinguish those fires two vehicles ,adding that one of them was a RoadTrain , passed over the bridge while it was on fire . This could have ended in one or both of those cars exploding or even worse the bridge to fall with all the firemen including the car and the driver ending up heavily injured or even dead . If the PD was there probably none of those civilians would have passed threw the burning bridge . Thanks god the fire was extinguised without and deaths and looses but it would have been much safer with the presentace of the ARPD .

Rejected Applicants / Re: SAFD Application - Kostas Santorini
« on: January 08, 2013, 01:39:47 PM »
Still interested in joining the SA:MP SAFD.

Rejected Applicants / Re: SAFD Application - Kostas Santorini
« on: January 03, 2013, 08:59:43 AM »
OKay sir thank you .
and thank you PulseEffect :)

Rejected Applicants / SAFD Application - Kostas Santorini
« on: January 02, 2013, 04:17:21 PM »
Full Game Name: Kostas Santorini
Your Real Life Age: 15
Any other group memberships (Corleone, ARPD, etc.): None
Why do you wish to join ARFD?: First of all I have been a very big period of my life a firefighter , I was doing it only for money now I want to see its other side.
I have seen many times SAFD members doing very good RP in various situations and I would like to gain such a skill and knowledge.
I met a member of the SAFD online who inspired me to apply .
Time available online and timezone: 14:00-17:00 (GMT+2)
Do you know and understand the emergency/police codes used by the United States Of Argonath's various agencies?: Yes, I do.
Do you currently have a passport for San Andreas?: Yes
Do you currently have a driver's license for San Andreas?: Yes
What area would you enjoy serving in most? (Los Santos, San Fierro, Las Venturas): Los Santos
Are you interested in being a Firefighter, or a Fire Department-based Medic?: Firefighter

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