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Topics - Mac Taylor

Name: [TCL]Mac (Mac Taylor)
Department : Liberty City Fire Department.
Rank and station: Chief.
Date: 26, November, 2019.
Reason: Time to resign, thanks for anyone who helped me. It's the time let someone else lead the department better than me.

Mac Taylor
Name: [TCL]Mac_Collin
Department : SAFD.
Rank and station: Engineer Station 1
Date: 9/11/2019
Reason: inactive and unable to fulfill my duties in SAFD.

Mac Taylor
General Discussion / ARFD Firefighting Medals
August 26, 2019, 10:57:07 AM

Argonath RPG Fire Department Firefighting Medals

Medal Of Honor

Bestowed upon the recipient by a Fire Chief upon members of the Argonath RPG Fire Department, this medal is presented to those who distinguish themselves through conspicuous gallantry and intrepidity at the risk of his or her life above and beyond the call of duty, while engaged in an action of said duty. This is the highest award in the firefighting services of the United States of Argonath and may be presented to any single individual, or group of individuals, whose awarded acts in the service of firefighting fit the above description, or beyond.

Medal Of Valor

The Medal of Valor is awarded to a member of the Fire services for performance above and beyond the call of duty at extreme personal risk and has been instrumental in rescuing and saving another person's life, or the prevention of loss thereof. This medal is automatically awarded to a member of the Fire services who dies in the line of duty. This may be awarded only by a Battalion Chief or higher.

Medal of Gallantry

The Medal of Gallantry is awarded to a member of the Fire services who, at great personal risk, has been instrumental in rescuing and saving another from possible death, or shows great initiative and capability. This may be awarded only by a Battalion Chief or higher.

Distinguished Service Medal

The Distinguished Service Medal is awarded to those persons who have performed acts of heroism which are directly, or not, fire-related. This may be awarded only by a Fire Captain or higher.

Medal of Courage

The Medal of Courage is awarded to a member of the fire service who was involved in an act of bravery, or who shows initiative and capability. This may be awarded only by a Fire Captain or higher.

Service Recognition Medal

The Service Recognition Medal is awarded to a member of the fire service in acknowledgment of their long and faithful service. This may be awarded only by a Fire Captain or higher.

Civilian Award Medal

The Civilian Award is awarded to a Civilian who, at great personal risk, was instrumental in rescuing or saving another person or was instrumental in their community. This may be awarded only by a Battalion Chief or higher, in conjunction with a representative of their community.

Final Alarm Medal

Presented to the family of a deceased member of the Fire services during a wake call. Awarded to a member of the Fire services who is laid out, in full dress or not, who was an active or life member of a Fire Company or a member of a governing body. This medal is automatically awarded to any member of the Fire Services who dies in or outside of the line of duty. This may be awarded only by a Deputy Chief or higher.

Please note: The Final Alarm Medal is presented only to past or present members or roleplayers of the Fire Services in the United States of Argonath who has been confirmed deceased in real life. The reason behind this is to honor, in a small way, their loving passion for the safety and protection of life and property. Although this job may be roleplayed in this community, the thought is still counted here and shall be honored as such.
Liberty City Fire Department  - Information

Public Relations Page


    The Liberty City Fire Department, officially the Fire Department in the City of Liberty (FDLC). is a department of the government Liberty City that provides fire protection, technical rescue, primary response to biological, chemical and radioactive hazards. The Fire Department of Liberty City usually co-operate with the Liberty City Police Department, and Emergency Medical Services in most of the situations including Motor Vehicle Accident (MVA), bomb situations, fire extinguishing and securing perimeter around a building by disabling or enabling new ways, or functions.
The Liberty City Fire Department has it's own divisions (Stations) with their own tasks to provide a safe environment for citizens of Liberty City.

Station-1 Fire and Rescue Division: The main Fire Suppression division of Liberty City Fire Department. The station usually perform general fire suppression tasks within the streets of Liberty City. It provides many kinds of rescue services to the citizens of Liberty City.
Firefighters of Station 1 are highly trained for the following tasks :

  • General Fire Suppression.
  • Public Safety and Rescue.
  • Motor / Vehicle Accidents.
  • Biological, chemical and radioactive hazards.
  • Defusing all types of Bombs.
  • Suicidal Negotiations.
  • Large-Leaks Repairing.

Station-2 Airport Fires Division : It operates within Liberty City Airport and areas surrounding it only. Firefighters of Airport Division are highly trained to suppress heavy types of fires caused by planes and helicopters. Firefighters of Station 2 are trained on the following tasks :

  • Fire Suppression within Francis International Airport (FIA), and areas surrounding it.
  • Inspect and declare safe/hazardous of any establishments, businesses, buildings, vehicles or any such object within the Francis International Airport.
  • Providing Safety equipments to planes, helicopters, or any establishments within Francis International Airport to prevent the fire.

Station-3 Fire Prevention and Investigation : It operates all over the city except Francis International Airport. This station is responsible for public safety, forensic investigations, fire inspections and preventing the fire .

Its' tasks :

  • Inspections of any public places, government buildings, and important areas to make sure it's provided with safety equipments.
  • Investigations of Fire causes.
  • Public Safety Education and Awareness.
  • All requirements for Fire Prevention.
  • Managing Fire laws applied in Liberty City.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Fire Department is to minimize loss of life, property and the
environment from fires, natural disasters, life threatening situations, and to assist other
emergency agencies.
Our mission shall be accomplished through quality SERVICE delivery as follows:

SAFETY: for the community we protect and the personnel that protect it.
EDUCATION: through programs for our residents and youth.
RESPONSIVENESS: to the suggestions, influences, appeals or efforts of others.
VISION: from the past, to the present and into the future.
INSPECTIONS: investigations and pre-incident plans
COMMITMENT: to our community, our families, ourselves and each other.
EMPATHY: for all.

HeadQuarter and Fire Stations

    The Liberty City Fire Department stations are positioned all around the city. The address of each fire station can be found below:

  • Dillon Street, Rotterdam Hill, Broker, - Broker Fire Station
  • Francis International Airport, Dukes. - Francis International Airport Fire Station
  • Worm Street, Northern Gardens, Bohan, - Bohan Fire Station "Ladder 69"
  • Exeter Avenue, Northwood, Algonquin. Between Boleyn St. - Northwood Fire Station
  • Frankfort Avenue, Westminster, Algonquin, also known as "Engine 47" (unmarked on map). - Westminster Fire Station
  • Privateer Road, Fishmarket South, Algonquin. - Fishmarket South Fire Station
  • Vitullo Avenue, Berchem, Alderney, also known as "Ladder Company No. 1" and "Engine Company No. 2". - Berchem Fire Department
  • Hardtack Avenue, Tudor, Alderney. - Tudor Fire Station
    The main HeadQuarter of the FDLC is located at "Dillon Street, Rotterdam Hill, Broker", behind the Dukes/Broker City Hall . The FDLC HeadQuarter is the main station in the City of Liberty, and the most active one. The Command staff's offices of the department are also located there.

Services & Equipments

    The Liberty City Fire Department provides the citizens of Liberty different kind of services. The list of some of services can be found bellow:

  • Fire Protection: We provide fire protection services, and the services are usually extinguishing the fire, and stopping the flames. The fire situations are usually reported by the citizens of Liberty through the emergency line, and the dispatchers will follow it over the radio to the firefighters on-duty to respond to the scene. The firefighters usually respond in less than five minute to the scene.
  • Medical Treatments: After the Liberty City Emergency Medical Service (EMS), the fire department has it's own medical staff whose job is to respond to the situations that requires them in. They are members of the department, and they are well trained and educated about their job.
  • Large-Leaks Repairing: The department provides services to the citizens who cannot solve. And the leaks are usually gas leaks which are dangerous for the people, and especially those who live near the incident scene.
  • Suicide situations: The department also provides a service with best negotiators and equipments that can and should be used during a suicide situation. Our job during those situation is to not allow the person who's committing suicide.
  • Motor Vehicle Accident (MVA): The members of the department are trained about the Motor Vehicle Accidents which are the most situations that happen. They are equipped with effective tools and equipments that will make their way to the patient.
  • Education and Public Awareness: The department provides education programs for the people who wishes to learn about the basic treatment and the what-to-do situations. The service is completely free.
    The Liberty City Fire Department is provided with the most effective and needed tools for their work. Those tools allow the staff to do their job easily and without any faults.

Official Staff Roaster :

Liberty City Fire Department

- Member List -

ARFD Commissioner


FDLC Chief

               Legal Representative

FDLC Deputy Chief

Dread Angiulo
The ranks mentioned above are members of Upper Command.

Command Advisor

Mac Taylor  

The people who served the department as a command staff and developed it, you can also call them The Legends of FDLC.

     FDLC Commander       


               FDLC Captain               

Pietro Connor. - Station Three.
The ranks mentioned above are members of Command Staff.

FDLC Lieutenant


The ranks mentioned above are Field Officers.

                  FDLC Engineer                 




The ranks mentioned above are FDLC's Official Firefighters.

FDLC Academy

FDLC Cadet


Citizens who are new and being trained to deal with the Fire.

Total members: 4


Suspended -
On leave -
Inactive -

Links :

ARFD Forums.
FDLC Applications Board.
Liberty City Fire Department - Recruitment information [READ BEFORE APPLYING!]
Liberty City Fire Department - Recruitment Status [OPEN]
Liberty City Fire Department - Procedures.
Liberty City Fire Department - Radio Codes.
Liberty City Fire Department - Staff Roles
Complaints Section.


If you got any questions, feel free to ask here.
Change Log
24.1.2019 Procedures were created.


1: You are NOT allowed to use any other vehicle unless;
A: Your firetruck is out of service (out of fuel or damaged) and you need to get another one as soon as possible.
B: A Command member gave permission for that.

2: You are allowed to speed up and use sirens when;
A: You are responding to an emergency situation.
B: You are called for backup from any officer/medic.

3: You are NOT allowed to speed up and use sirens;
A: If you are on hurry to quit fireman job.
B: If there is no any emergency situations.

4: You are allowed to use the radio (/r) for :
A: Asking about the situation status.
B: Communicating with other firefighters when there is a situation.
C: Reporting your status (Out of service/In Service).
*Radio Codes should be used.

5: You are allowed to use the emergency radio (/e) for :
A: Communicating with other agencies when they are involved within a situation.
B: Requesting backup from other agencies for an emergency situation.

6: You are NOT allowed to use the radio (/r) or the emergency radio (/e) :
A: Random chats or personal matters.

7: If you have sirens on, you are allowed to respond no matter what.
A: You are required to respond to the any situation if a human is in direct danger, nothing can stop you, humans safety first, then yours.

8: If a police officer stopped you;
8.1 When you are responding to an emergency situation (Missions.)
8.1.A: You are required to stop and try to reduces the time explaining  them that you are on hurry for an emergency situation.
8.1.A.1: If the officer refused to let you go, you should comply with him till the end of the Traffic stop.

8.2: When you are responding to an emergency situation (Roleplay Situations).
8.2.A: Try to comply with the officer, however, if you really need to move on emergency situation (roleplay one) you can go and then surrender to the officer after you finish.

9: You are NOT allowed to commit crimes while on duty REGARDLESS THE SITUATION.

10: You MUST assist any law enforcement group and EMS if they need you at anytime (Exception when you are already in an emergency situation, in this case report your unavilablity).

11: You are NOT allowed to respond to situations with EMS or any other group;
A: You must use your own truck. All of your equipment are in the fire truck.

12: You MUST re-group if you got requested by any law enforcement officer
A: Get EMS and Firemans, only ranked ones, then respond together as a team.

13: Members of Station 2 and Station 3 SHOULD perform station 1 duties when;
A: There is an emergency situation, and there is no one from Station 1 to take lead.
B: Station 1 members are outnumbered and situation requires more firefighters.

14: Members of Station 1 SHOULD perform Station 2 duties when;
A: There is an emergency situation at Airport and there is no one from Station 2 firefighters.
B: Station 2 members are outnumbered and situation requires more firefighters.

15: Station 1 and Station 2 members are NOT allowed to perform Station 3 duties unless;
A: Command Staff gives permission to or orders you to do that.

16: Station 2 and station 3 members SHOULD follow their own procedures alongside with this.

17: Firefighters are NOT allowed to perform medical treatment when there is already EMS unit at the scene.
NOTE : Due to forum issues, he could not make an application, so we posted it instead of him.

FDLC Application - Blue Gatsby

Full In-Game and Role-Play Name: Blue Gatsby(Full Name), Richard Jefferson (Role-Play Name)
Are you currently a member of any other groups? ( Lucchese, ARPD..etc): Gatsby
Have you ever been banned from Argonath IV:MP server? If yes, please copy the link of your unban request and pass it here: No
Why do you wish to join ARFD?: Because i like to be a fireman and be everytime in the middle of action, cooperating with any medic available or other firemen for giving to our Liberty City citizens a better and safer place.
Will you be able to dedicate time to the ARFD when no other firefighters are online?: Yes
Do you know and understand the emergency/police codes used by the United States Of Argonath's various agencies?:  Yes, of course.I used to learn all those codes when i was in training.
Do you currently have a passport for the State Of Liberty?: Yes
Do you currently have a driver's license for the State Of Liberty?: Yes
What area would you enjoy serving in most? (Liberty City, Liberty County, etc.): Liberty City
Are you interested in being a Firefighter, or a Fire Department-based Medic?: Firefighter