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Liberty City Fire Department - News and Updates

Started by Younes, July 04, 2015, 03:41:24 AM

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Application News and Updates

Applications news and updates, accepted applicants in the waves will be reported here.

Academy Staff.


Liberty City Fire Department  -   Serving since 2010

Dear citizens of Liberty City,
The Fire Department of Liberty City has opened it's doors for those who are experienced in leading such organisations and who want to serve as members of command staff for the department. The FDLC is looking for citizens who are  capable of leading, operating within a team, and willing to develop the FDLC to get it on it's track. The main goal of our organisation is to improve the roleplay for the fireman duty.
Do you feel you meet the requirements? Post an application in our main Fire Department (forum)

Already an existing member? feel free to drop a letter to the Battalion Chief!

FDLC Command.



Liberty City Fire Department  -   Serving since 2010

Dear citizens of Liberty City,
After Mr.Younes who want a responsible person to manage the department, after that I`ve taken this responsibility to manage FDLC in future. So me and Mr.Dwayne Johnson are electing members for FDLC Staff, you can go ahead and apply here!

Vin Diesel
FDLC Command Staff


Liberty City Fire Department  -   Serving since 2010

Application Update(s):

- Added new rule
- Added new NOTE

Stay tuned for further updates!

FDLC Command Staff

Mac Taylor

Liberty City Fire Department

Greetings Citizens Of Liberty City,

It has been very long since the department released an announcement.
All citizens of Liberty City haven't heard anything interesting from the department since it had a new leadership.
You are wondering what's going on and what happened with it? Then you are in the right place to know what happened.

Since the department had new leadership which was at the end of year 2018, the department went into a huge maintenance and development.
We were not sleeping in that period, we were working on our department to get it back on track as an effective government organization.
We invented new systems, implemented new ideas and suggestions for a better and a safe environment for our citizens.

Let's start with general changes :

  • Creation of three new public, independent divisions (Stations) from each other within the Liberty City Fire Department.

         + Fire and Rescue Division.
         + Airport Fires Division.
         + Fire Prevention and Investigations.

    ☆ Those divisions are not recognized yet, a public court case will be made very soon to get recognized.

  • Removal of Medical division.

  • Creation of new internal divisions :

    + Administrative Division;
          + Academy Division : Responsible for academy for all divisions of the department.
         + Public Relations Office : For public notifications, messages and for receiving public feedbacks.
         + Internal Affairs Division : Handling Complaints, and watching performance of firefighters and plus, to ensure they are working upon the regulations, procedures of the department.

Promotions and Resignations  :

- We are sad to announce that former Chief Dwayne Johnson has resigned from the department for inactivity and real life issues.

+ On other side, we are glad to announce that Dread Anguilo has been promoted to Chief. Congratulations!

+ Mac Tylor has been promoted to Deputy Chief.

+ CarlosKolta was invited into the department to take a Commander Rank of Station-1(Fire and Rescue Division) for a trial period, but due to department protocol he should pass his academy phase first.

+ Dread Anguilo was appointed as Legal Representative of the Department. (In-Charge of Public Relations Office.)

+ Mac Tylor was appointed as Academy Leader. (In - Charge of Academy Division.)

- Dimos Resigned from the department.

Other general details :

+ Procedures and Radio Codes were added for the department personnel.

+Recruitment system, and information were updated.

+ A new rule was added upon a discussion with Emergency Medical Services Command Staff, from now on you are allowed to apply for FDLC and EMS at the same time.

+ As of today, our firefighters will be hosting awareness courses on how to protect yourself from fire hazards. (Courses are ready to be given to anyone at anytime, either ask a firefighter+ or wait for one of them to host it.)

+ Firefighters Trainings are currently on progress, we will host free trainings for fire volunteers soon.

+ Firefighters Awards will not be awarded to only firefighters + but also to volunteers and citizens.

Implementing a new system.

Here we will provide a small and short summary about this new system which will be explained in details in the upcoming court case.

This system aims to have a better and safe environment and aims to decrease rate of injuries in emergency situations.
The system is about providing all public, crowded and important places such as museums, hospitals, police stations, City hall, court hall, gas stations,..etc..
with safety equipments such as smoke alarms, fire extinguishers, sprinklers..etc
In the same time, the owners, and working people in that establishment will be trained on how to use those stuff incase of emergencies. (Part from training courses that we are going to host)
Those equipments will be provided by our firefighters of Station-3 (Fire Prevention and Investigations) for free.

For now, that's more than enough for this system, stay tuned for the upcoming court case for more information and other changes we took.

At the end, we would like to remind everyone that the department is still seeking for members and leaders for those divisions if you feel ready to help us, apply now!

We would like to hear your feedbacks, ideas or suggestions to implement for a better future!

For Public Feedbacks, ideas and suggestions, e-mail our Public Relations Office. @dread_king

For questions about our recruitment, academy or divisions of the department, contact Academy Leader Mac Tylor. @mohammedk


Dread Anguilo
Chief Of Fire Department
Legal Representative.

Mac Tylor
Deputy Chief Of Fire Department.
Academy Leader.

Command Advisor Mac Taylor
Liberty City Fire Department - "Serving since 2017"
Los Santos Fire Department - "Serving since 2018"