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[SA:MP/IV:MP/V:MP] ARFD Universal Regulations

Started by Kristopher_Jones, August 23, 2019, 04:24:39 PM

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Argonath RPG Fire Department Universal Fire Regulations

Firefighter - Anyone employed by, or working for the ARFD.

Command Staff - The leading figures of the fire department. (Fire Lieutenant+)

Cadet - A firefighter in training within the official firefighting academy.

Structural Fire - A fire within a structure such as a building, construction/demolition site or any form of city structure.

Chemical Fire - Any fire ignited or fueled by chemicals (i.e. petrol)

Electrical Fire - Any fire ignited or fueled by electricity (i.e. electrical spark setting fire to the end of a blanket)

Combustible Material Fire - Any fire caused by combustible materials such as fabrics, paper, and wood.

Cooking Oil Fire - Any fire ignited or fueled by cooking oil, such as in deep fryers (i.e. fryer left unattended while on)

Fire Engine / Firetruck - A heavily equipped truck, with several apparatus and a water cannon mounted on the roof.

Water Cannon - A high-pressure device that fires water. Especially useful on extremely large-scale fires.

Hose - A heavy-duty pipe with a connector on one end for attachment to the firetruck's water reservoir(s) and the other end to fire water with a close/open valve.

Axe - A tool with a very sharp metal blade on the end. Commonly used to break through the debris by the FDLC, most commonly used by lumberjacks cutting wood.

Jaws of Life - A hydraulic apparatus used to pry apart the wreckage of crashed vehicles to free people trapped inside.

Halligan Tool - A Halligan bar (also named a Halligan tool, or "hooligan bar" for its effect) is a forcible entry tool used by firefighters and law enforcement.

Fire Extinguisher - A pressurized canister filled with either water, CO2 gas, foam, dry powder or wet chemicals. Used to fight most fires and are classed based on the type of fire.

1.) ARFD Personnel must not break the law or the state constitution on duty.

2.) ARFD Personnel must provide immediate assistance to citizens while on duty.

3.) ARFD Personnel must use marked vehicles on duty, however, they are allowed to use unmarked vehicles with authorization from a Fire Lieutenant+.

4.) ARFD Personnel must respect the Chain of Command and follow their superior's orders.

5.) ARFD Personnel must only use the radio/emergency radio for emergency communications. (exceptions made for when the radio cannot be used, i.e. broken radio, and other communication means such as a phone may be used.)

6.) ARFD Personnel mustn't abuse equipment.

8. ARFD Personnel are allowed to respond to duty-calls only from official stations.

9.) ARFD Personnel may carry legal firearms while on duty.

10.) ARFD Personnel should refrain from driving around the city, instead, they should stay at their stations awaiting an emergency.


FDLC, LSFD, and SAFD Chiefs.