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Resignation of Kowalski - Firefighter - Station 2: Airport Fires Division - FDLC

Started by Kowalski, October 26, 2019, 06:14:12 PM

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Name: Kowalski
Department : FDLC (IV:MP)
Rank and station: Fire Lieutenant - Station Two.
Date: 27th October, 2019.
Reason: I've become SAFD Fire Chief, and am juggling several roles. I cannot dedicate the same activity to the FDLC that I once could. I wish it nothing but well and hope that it, along with the IV:MP server returns from its current dead state.

EDIT 06/11/2019: I'll stick around but only as a Command Advisor, in case any firefighters are wondering :ff:


Retired Fire Chief Kowalski
Internal Affairs Commission || Public Affairs Lead Spokesman || Academy Leader
San Andreas Fire Department (SA:MP) - Serving since 2007.

Retired Battalion Chief Kowalski
Station 2 - Airport Division
Liberty City Fire Department (IV:MP) - Service: 2018-19

Mac Taylor

Command Advisor Mac Taylor
Liberty City Fire Department - "Serving since 2017"
Los Santos Fire Department - "Serving since 2018"