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Started by Goura, May 21, 2021, 06:07:22 PM

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(Roleplay Information)
1. First and Last Name: Goura Mohamed
2. Age: 25
3. Current Address (Fort Carson ):
4.1 Do you possess a valid, state issued, passport?: yes
4.2 Do you possess a valid, state issued driver's license?: yes
4.2.1 If yes, has it ever been revoked?: no
4.2.2 If revoked, what was the reason?: no

5. Do you understand law enforcement codes used by various state agencies?: yes

6. Why do you wish to join the San Andreas Fire Department?: I finished my studies and I would like to join the fire brigade for rubble of people from danger with and I would like to serve my country....
6.0.1 What career are you willing to be part of? (Paramedic - Firefighter): Firefighter

6.1.1 Do you have any past experience with any Fire Department or Emergency Medical Service?:  yes as arfd
6.1.2 If yes, what agency and what was your rank?:  ARFD Volunteer

7. Do you accept that the SAFD has the right to deny or suspend this application for any given reason?: yeah

(Non-Roleplay Information)

8. Full In-Game Name: Goura mohamed
9. Real-Life Age: 18
10. Timezone: GTM+1
11. Server Join Date: (2016):
12. Do you have any previous server punishments within the last month?: no
13. List any current groups you are a member of: FLA - Zaime - SAPD - Church

With posting this application, author agrees with:
1) SAFD reserves full right to use all information of the application for further activities.
2) Leak of material or academy information to third-parties will result in a denial and academy ban.
3) Cadet will respect Fire Department personnel.
4) Cadet will follow Fire Laws.

Goura mohamed


Hello there! It is nice to see your application, but I'm afraid that I haven't seen you very frequently on fireman duty, or in the state of San Andreas for that matter (active on the server). We're looking forward to seeing you more actively in the upcoming days/weeks.

Also, please take note that the purpose of this group is to try and roleplay scenarios that a fireman would go through, not to grind money through the scripted missions.
I will always give my best to help the population of Argonath!

Tom Adams

You've got 24 hours to fix your application and adapt it to the standard It's supposed to be.


Tom Adams

I suggest you to go through this topic and check how an application should look like. There's something a bit off still.

Tom Adams


Dear Mr. Goura,

We are writing to you in regards to your recently submitted application. Your application to join the San Andreas Fire Department has been DENIED for following reason(s): unable to submit correct application within given timelimit. You may submit a new application If you feel like you're ready to try again.

Tom Adams
SAFD Academy Division