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[SA:MP] Happy Winter, Merry Christmas & Promotions Ceremony!

Started by Corey/Miracle/Delta Alterlis, December 24, 2011, 01:00:02 PM

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Corey/Miracle/Delta Alterlis

As the winter approaches, Christmas Day is coming, New Year is sooner.
The Command Staffs of the SAFD were looking to every SAFD Personnels skills and their works on their duties and callout times.
And finally decided to hereby announce the promotions to the following personnels as a gift!:

Fire Engineer Kevin Alterlis To Fire Lieutenant of Station 2
Emergency Medical Technician Abby Steinberg To Paramedic of Station 2
Firefighter Marcus Ferreira To Fire Engineer of Station 2

And the following Cadets/Trainees that passed their academy training:

Fire Cadet Flamer To Firefighter of Station 2
Medical Trainee TomerTheSnowman To Emergency Medical Technician of Station 2

Also, naughty boys demotion ^^:

Fire Lieutenant [ARFD]kebabpizza To Fire Engineer of Station 1

The ceremony will be held today, at Station 2 on 2:00 PM Server Time!

TeamSpeak 3 Server IP: alterlis.dyndns.info


Wooo, congratulations on the most part, all!!

And of course, a very merry Christmas and happy holidays. :)


Glad station 2 is fully staffed.

LT. Kebabpizza's demotion appealed. Reinstated to LT.

Kebab, that sounded a bit provoking-ish, please just keep comments to yourself. Thank you.
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