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Firefighting Medal Of Gallantry Awarded

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Today, under extreme pressure, three individuals worked together to beat the odds, saving two lives while risking their own. Around 9:00 P.M. CET, Firefighter Jenny Adams, Fire Lieutenant Kebabpizza, and Company Chief Corey Alterlis were working on a hazardous materials fire with multiple explosions at LVA Freight Depot in Las Venturas, within the State of San Andreas. During the explosions, ARFD Commissioner J. Schappell, acting on-scene as the Battalion Chief, called over the radio that he had found an unconscious civilian laying beneath a truck where a previous fire source was extinguished. Upon attempt to help the man, Commissioner Schappell suddenly had realized that his oxygen tank had stopped working. He then decided to remove his mask, gasping for air while checking the civilian for injuries, only to breathe in smoke and eventually go unconscious himself.

When Firefighter Adams and Lieutenant Kebabpizza discovered the downed firefighter (Commissioner Schappell) and civilian, they immediately radio'ed for EMS. As flames began to rebuild around them, the two quickly dragged the firefighter and civilian to safety. During this intense moment, Company Chief Alterlis had arrived on-scene, and began to assist in the rescue effort. The civilian was then taken to a vehicle where emergency crews rushed them off to the nearest hospital. In lack of any available EMS at the time, and the firefighter's condition deteriorating, Firefighter Adams, Lieutenant Kebabpizza, and Company Chief Alterlis decided to act quickly. Without hesitation, the three began CPR and obtained an oxygen mask from a nearby Engine. They made their best attempt to stabilize the firefighter as quickly as possible before they had made the decision to transport him to the hospital in an Engine. With Company Chief Alterlis loading up and preparing the truck, Firefighter Adams and Lieutenant Kebabpizza continued their efforts to help the downed firefighter as they loaded him inside. Rushing off the scene while other emergency crews finished battling the blaze, Company Chief Alterlis and the others sped off to a nearby hospital in Las Venturas...making it there just in time to save the firefighter's life! Doctor's quickly took over, and an exhausted team of firefighters called in their "Code 4's" as they began to rest in the waiting room.

For their amazing teamwork and bravery in the saving of two innocent lives, I am awarding each one of them the third highest honor the Argonath RPG Fire Department can bestow upon someone: The Firefighting Medal Of Gallantry.

Due to their courageous acts, multiple lives were saved, as were the structures of the damaged buildings, and their nearby neighboring businesses. Due to the fire's location in the building's complex, and the nature of the gasoline-fueled fire, it could've easily ignited and killed many rescue workers and bystanding civilians, eventually leading to a massive casualty incident that likely would have taken many lives. If this complex had ignited and exploded like what had been feared, it could have possibly also started a chain reaction that would send large vehicles and debris flying into the southern end of Las Venturas, threatening more businesses and lives. Despite the risks involved, these brave firefighters regardless battled the blaze and managed to save all those injured in the process.

And so, it is with great honor I award the first Medals of Gallantry ARFD has ever given out. Wear them well, and wear them proud. You have my respect for your actions.

Firefighting Medal Of Gallantry

Firefighter Jenny Adams
Fire Lieutenant Kebabpizza
Company Chief Corey Alterlis


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