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Cruel Cooking Chef Curry is now back on active duty, rules tighten, etc.

Started by Corey/Miracle/Delta Alterlis, February 27, 2012, 08:06:22 AM

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Corey/Miracle/Delta Alterlis

I has been suspended, and I'm proud to say it.
The punishment was worth it, I'm now strictly obey and enforce all the rules and procedures, heavily.
No mistake allowed, No screw up, No chilling, No breaking rules for fun. No more.

Training will be rescheduled, taken more seriously and faster.
No one will allow to quit in the middle of the academy, when we, and you have confirmed the exact training time, you MUST be there, or you will just have to skip it.

Left-over Cadets or Inactive personnel will be fired after certain times.

Current inactive SAFD personnel and command staffs (including Company Chiefs) will be watched over by the Battalion Chief Hiroaki Alterlis.
You are now REQUIRED to post incident report, the second-in-charge of the scene will do this task.

Any questions or problems,
directly contact to Company Chief Corey Alterlis or/and Battalion Chief Hiroaki Alterlis

TeamSpeak 3 Server IP: alterlis.dyndns.info


I am confirming this as official. We need to tighten things down a bit. SA:MP SAFD has become too unprofessional lately and I'm seeing new issues arise that shouldn't exist to begin with. This job is for fun, but please remember that when you joined this organization, you agreed to follow it's protocols.