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Important Changes Regarding Duty Offenses

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As per executive statement by President Gandalf of the United States Of Argonath, new changes have arisen in the Emergency Services which now allow those misusing the job to be properly handled.

From this day forward, Command Staff of the ARFD and it's Divisions, (specifically those who have power in the server they are in), are now allowed to deal with Firefighters neglecting their duties through the focus of other things unrelated to their job. This includes producing and obtaining legal drugs while on duty, which is considered negligence as they are taking the time to deal with personal situations that may lead to a longer response time should an emergency arise. As a result, ARPD Command Staff and it's Divisions, (specifically those who have power in the server they are in), may also deal with rogue Police Officers submitting to the same situations. These rights extend down to ARFD Volunteer Firefighters and ARPD Officers through their respective Command Staffs, and may be exercised through the following method:

1. An explanation to the member in question as to why what they are doing is considered negligence of duty, and how it can be an issue.
2. A request from the member in question if they understand said explanation, regardless of whether they agree with it or not.
3. If said member in question agrees to understanding the explanation, regardless of their opinion on it, an order from a Command Staff member of that agency to the member in question to cease their activities with an explanation as to why may be given.
4. If member in question continues to refuse to cease their negligent actions, they may be subject to police arrest, or may be sued in Civil Court.

Evidence of this being presented through the State of San Andreas Supreme Court, (SA:MP), may be found here.

As a result of today's changes, going into effect immediately shall be a grace period of one week where users will be simply warned of their wrongdoing within the ARFD, applicable through steps one through three, but not four. Those who still refuse to cease activities after step three will be logged for future reference. After one week's time, enforcement of step four will begin, without prejudice or bias, and will hold no exception to repeat offenders.

To all firefighters, from ARFD Volunteer up to ARFD Commissioner, regardless of your rank, you have been warned. We will continue to warn you elsewhere as actions arise, but if you repeat them yourself, stricter punishment will arise. This is a time of new beginnings to take on those who think they can bypass the laws...and they will no longer get away with it. See you at the Station boys and girls. We have lives to save.

Respectfully submitted,
Commissioner J. Schappell
Argonath RPG Fire Department


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