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Vehicle And Emergency Response Rules

Started by SugarD, November 24, 2009, 02:25:19 AM

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Regarding the vehicles in all servers, the rules listed here are now going into effect for both current and future scripts in regards to vehicles and emergency responses. The ARFD is a "wait for a call" group, not a "patrol in the mean time" group, so the following rules are now in effect:

1. No patrolling or driving around in ARFD vehicles when not on a call or returning to station, except when refueling or repairing the vehicle, or investigating fire arson.
2. No using disallowed vehicles without permission from Command Staff. This includes civilian vehicles when responding to emergencies or arson calls. Civilian vehicles may not be used to return to station after calls or investigations either unless you are the only firefighter present and there are no applicable fire vehicles to use. Otherwise, seek permission only after asking another firefighter to pick you up. ARFD Volunteer Firefighters do not have to follow this rule if the rule itself is not also a server rule.
3. Prior to responding to a call or investigation, regardless of whether you are in your normal clothes or off-duty, if you wish to drive, ride-along in, or respond to a fire call or investigation, you must suit up into the firefighting fire-retardant suit for your own safety. If you are a medic, you must be in your medical gear.